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Acupuncture Needling Techniques - Class 04
Detailed instructions on the use of Acupuncture needles and Moxibustion techniques
By: David Botton

Precautions and Contraindications

Class 4 - Precautions and Contraindications

Points with Contraindication and Cautions


A. Forbidden (unless to induce or remove pain in labour):

LI 4, SP 6 (strongest point to cause miscarriage), UB 60, UB 67

B. Careful: GB 21

C. Lower abdomen and back (including sacral area)


A. Careful during second day of cycle on:

lower abdomen points (as they can cause uterine bleeding)

Infants (up to 6 months)

E. Head points (Du-22 to Du 24) up to age 6 months (Moxa allowed)


A. St 17 - nipple, no moxa or acupuncture

B. Ren 8 - umbilicus, indirect moxa only

Points that require care

A. Large artery relate points such as:

Lu 9, St 30, St 42, St 9, Li 18

B. Ren 22 - only quickly needle as it causes caughing

C. Upper back (above T10) and chest (concern for pneumothorax)


D. St 1 and other eye points

E. Ren 15, Sp 11 - near sternalcostal angle do to possible enlargement of heart

Patient Constitution Issues

Avoid needling when:

Just having over eaten, over tired, over emotional, over hungry


Delay or limit needles:

Large amount of sweating or sever diarrhea (do to possible fainting)

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