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Chinese Herbology - Class 01
A comparative approach to Chinese Herbs
By: David Botton

Warm Acrid Herbs

Warm Acrid Herbs

strong disperse exterior cold, induce sweating

Ma Huang (Hb. Ephedrae)

Pungent, Bitter, Warm

Lu, UB

Promotes dispersing function of Lu

cough and wheeze

wind edema - whole body

Excess paterns

! Yin deficiency / insmonia + high blood pressure

Gui Zhi (Rl. Cinnamomi Cassiae)

Pungent, Sweet, Warm

Lu, UB

with Ma Huang External Excess Cold

with Bai Shao External Deficient Cold

Gui Zhi disperses at Wei

Bai Shao astringes at Ying

to Harmonize Ying and Wei Qi

Moves Yang and Transforms Qi

edema from Yang Qi blockage by Phlegm

menstrual issues

Warms Channels

cold bi syndrome

can consume yin

Strengthen Heart Yang

chest Bi Syndrome

Warm middle jiao

abdominal paid due to interior cold

disperse exterior cold, pain/headaches/aches

Qiang Huo (Rz. & Rx. Notopterygii)

Pungent, Bitter, Warm, aromatic


Expel Wind Damp

upper body bi syndrome

Tai Yang Headache

Bai Zhi (Rx. Angelicae)

Pungent, Warm

Lung, Stomach

Expel Wind Damp

upper body bi syndrome

vaginal discharge

carbuncles, swelling & pus

Yang Ming Headache

facial disorders

Xi Xin (Hb. Asari cum Radice) - Chin. Wild Ginger

Pungent, Warm

Spleen, Lung, Kidney

warm and aromatic

Resolve fluids in lungs

! Consumes Qi and Yin

disperse exterior cold, open nose

Cang Er Zi (Fr. Xanthii - Cocklebur Fruit)

Sweet, Warm, Toxic

Lung, Liver

Expels Wind Damp

Relieves pain

Bi syndrome

Relieves itching

Xin Yi Hua (Fl. Magnoliae Liliflorae )

Pungent, Warm


mild disperse exterior cold

Zi Su Ye (Fo. Perillae Frutescentis - Perilla Leaf)

Pungent, Warm, aromatic

Lung, Spleen

Expels Cold stronger than Wind

Circulates Qi

Wind Cold + Qi Stagnation - distention in abdomen

Harmonize Middle Jiao

Prevent miscarriage

Stops vomiting

Jing Jie (Hb. or Fl. Schizonepetae Tenuifoliae)

Pungent, Warm, aromatic

Lung, Liver

Expels Wind stronger than Cold

can be combined for Wind-Heat formulas

Erupt rashes and stop itching

Ashed - stops bleeding

Fang Feng (Rx. Ledebouriellae Sesloidis - Siler)

Pungent, Sweet, Warm

Lv, UB, Spleen

Expels Wind and Damp

Alleviates pain

Bi syndrome

Alleviates itching from wind

Stops convulsions

release exterior, expel summer-heat 

Xiang Ru (Hb. Elsholtziae Splendentis - Aromatic Madder)

Pungent, Warm, aromatic

Lung, Spleen

promotes sweating

"Summer Ma Huang"

promotes urination

Huo Xiang (Hb. Agastaehes seu Pogostemi - Patchouli)

Pungent, Warm, aromatic

Resolves/Expels Dampness

Harmonizes middle jiao

stop vomitting

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