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Advanced Acupuncture - Class 04
The use of acupuncture to treat illness
By: David Botton


1. Irregular Menstruation
Qi stagnation - early clots and pain
Blood stagnation - late clots and pain
Qi and Blood stagnation - (Excess and Def. together) pain early and pain later
Antedated menstruation
Heated in blood
Shortened cycle, dark red and thick blood flow in large quantities, restlessness,
fullness in the chest, brown urine
T: Yellow coat P: Rapid, forceful
TX: LI 11, Ren 3, SP 10, KI 5
Fire from Liver Qi: + LV 2
Yin Def Heat: + Ki 2
Qi deficiency
Profuse, thin, light red menses in shortened cycle, lassitude, palpitations, SOB,
subjective empty and heavy sensation in lower abdomen
T: Pale, thin coating P: Weak
TX: Ren 6, SP 6, Ren 12, ST 36
Postdated menstruation
Blood deficiency
Scanty and light red menses, delayed cycle, empty and painful sensation in lower abdomen,
emaciation, sallow complexion, lusterless skin, dizziness, blurred vision, palpitation and insomnia
T: Ping tongue, little coat P: Weak, thready
TX: Ren 4, Ren 6, SP 6
Dizziness/Blurred Vision: + Du 20
Palpitations/Insomnia: + Ht 7
Cold in the blood
Scanty and dark colored, delayed cycle, colic pain in lower abdomen, slightly better with warmth,
cold limbs
T: Thin white coat P: Deep, slow
TX: Ren 4, Ren 6, SP 6
--- Use Moxa to add warmth
Dizziness/Blurred Vision: + Du 20
Palpitations/Insomnia: + Ht 7
Qi stagnation
Scanty and dark red, delayed cycle, distending pain in lower abdomen, mental depression,
stuffy chest alleviated by belching, distention in hypochondria and breast region
T: Thin white coat P: String-taut
TX: ST 25, KI 13, SP 8, LV 3
Chest fullness: + PC 4
Distention in hypochondriac/breast: + LV 14
Irregular menstrual cycles
Qi stagnation in liver
Alternation of cycles and quantity of blood, thick, sticky and purple menses difficult to flow,
distention in hypochondriac and breast, distending pain in lower abdomne, mental depression,
frequent sighing
T: Thin white coat P: String-taut
TX: Ren 6, KI 14, PC 5, LV 5
Kidney deficiency
Scanty, light red, alternating cycles, dizziness and tinnitus, weak and aching lower back and knees,
frequent night urination, loose stools
T: Pale, thin white coat P: Deep, weak
TX: Ren 4, UB 23, KI 8
Weak lower back and knees: Yao yan, KI 10
Dizziness and tinnitus: Du 20, Ki 3
2. Dysmenorrhea
Painful menstruation
Liver Qi Stasis
Pain in the lower abdomen, starting before menstruation, retarded and scanty dark purple
menses with clots, distending pain in lower abdomen, alleviated by passing clots, distending
pain in lower abdomen, distention in hypochondriac and breast
T: Purplish, with purple spots on sides P: Deep, string-taut
TX: Ren 3, UB 32, LI 4, SP 10, SP 8, LV 3
Cold Stasis
Pain and cold feeling in lower abdomen referring to waist and back, alleviated by warmth
scanty dark red menses with clots
T: Sticky white coat P: Deep, string-taut
TX: Ren 3, UB 32, LI 4, SP 10, SP 8, LV 3
Cold in lower abdomen: KI 14, ST 28
Dull pain appearing by end or after menstruation, alleviated by warmth and pressure,
pink, scanty and thin menses, palpitations, dizziness, aversion to cold
T: Pale complexion P: Thready, weak
TX: Ren 4, UB 20, UB 23, ST 36, SP 6
3. Amenorrhea
No menstruation (3 months after age 18)
Blood stagnation
Many months, lower abdominal distending pain worse with pressure, hard mass in abdomen
distention in chest and hypochondriac region
T: Dark purple w/ purplish posts on sides P: Deep, string-taut
TX: Ren 3, ST 29, SP 10, LV 3, LI 4, SP 6
Pain/mass in low abdomen: KI 14
Blood Depletion
Delayed menstrual cycle, gradual decrease in menses and amenorrhea, sallow complexion in
long chronic cases, lassitude, vertigo and dizziness, poor appetite, loose stools, dry skin
T: Pale, white coat P: Slow, weak
TX: Ren 4, UB 18, UB 20, UB 23, ST 36, SP 6
4. Uterine Bleeding
Vaginal bleeding beyond menstrual period
Excessive Heat
Sudden onset, profuse bleeding, deep red color, fidgets, insomnia, dizziness
T: Red, yellow coat P: Rapid
TX: Ren 3, SP 10, SP 1, LV 8
external heat: + LI 11
excess Heart fire: + HT 8
excess Liver fire: + LV 3
Qi Deficiency
Sudden profuse or continuous scanty bleeding, light red and thin blood, lassitude, SOB,
apathy, anorexia
T: Pale P: Thready, weak
TX: Du 20, Ren 4, ST 36, SP 6, SP 1, SJ 4
spleen Qi def: + UB 20, UB 21
5. Morbid Leukorrhea
Persistent excessive mucous discharge
Def. SP
Profuse thick white or light yellow discharge, no smell, pale complexion, lassitude, edema, loose stools
T: Pale, white sticky P: Slow, weak
TX: UB 26, Ren 6, UB 30, SP 9, ST 36
Def. KD
Profuse thin, transparent white, sore back, cold in lower abdomen, frequent urine, loose stools
T: Pale, thin P: Deep
TX: UB 23, Ren 4, KI 12, B 26, KI 7
Damp Heat
Sticky, viscous, smelly yellow or red, itching in vulva, dry stool, scanty yellow urine, irritability
T: Yellow coat P: String-taut, rapid
TX: Ren 3, UB 23, SP 6, LR 3
Itching in vulva: LR 5
Red leukorrhea: SP 10
Excessive heat: LI 11
6. Morning Sickness
Collection of various symptoms in the first trimester
Def. SP/ST
Nausea, vomiting after meals, fullness in chest, lassitude, sleepiness
T: Pale, white P: Slippery, weak
TX: Ren 12, Ren 13, PC 6, ST 36, SP 4
Disharmony between LR and ST
Vomiting of bitter/sour liquid, hyponchodriac pain, belching, depression, dizziness
T: Yellow coat P: String-taut, slippery
TX: Ren 17, Ren 12, PC 6, ST 36, LR 3
7. Prolonged Labor
labor lasting more than 24 hours
Def. Qi and Blood
Dull labor pains, mild distending sensations, profuse hemorrhage of light colored blood, pale complexion
lassitude, palpitation, SOB
T: Pale P: Weak
TX: ST 36, SP 6, UB 67
Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis
Sharp pain in waist and abdomen, scanty dar red blood, dark bluish complexion, depressive mood, nausea
T: Dark P: Deep, foreceful
TX: LI 4, SP 6, UB 67
7-a. Malposition of Fetus
TX: UB 67 - Moxa 15-20 minutes 1/day
8. Insufficient Lactation
TX: ST 28, Ren 17, SI 1
Def. of Qi and Blood
Insufficient/Abscent milk after delivery, no distention pain in breasts, pale complexion, dry skin,
palpitations, poor appetite, loose stool
T: Pale, little coat P: Weak, thready
TX: + UB 20, ST 36, SP 6
LR Qi Stagnation
Insufficient/Abscent milk after delivery, distention pain in breasts, depression, hypochondriac pain T: Pink P: String-taut
TX: + LR 14, PC 6, LR 3
8-a. Lactifuge
To stop lactation on purpose
TX: GB 41, GB 37 - Moxa on both 10 minutes
9. Prolapse of Uterus
Prolapse of uterus in to vagina or descent of front wall of vagina with uterus
Qi Def
several inch drop, sinking sensation in lower abdomen, lassitude, palpitation, SOB, leukorrhagia
T: Pale, thin coat P: Weak
TX: DU 20, Ren 6, Ren 12, ST 36, ST 29
KD Def.
prolapse, sore weak lower back and legs, bearing sensation in lower abdomen, vaginal dryness, tinnitus
T: Pink P: Deep, weak
TX: Ren 4, Zi Gong Xue, L$ 8, KI 6

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