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Acupuncture Needling Techniques - Class 09
Detailed instructions on the use of Acupuncture needles and Moxibustion techniques
By: David Botton


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Class 9 - Moxibustion


Moxibustion is the burning of Ai Ye (Mugwort) a warm aromatic herb that burns but does not flame up as such is soft not sharp and can enter all 12 regular meridians for tonification


1) Expel cold

Moxa local

2) Tonify yang qi and qi

Ren 4 or Du 4

3) Tonify Qi

Ren 6 or St 36 Ub 24

4) Lift Qi

Du 20

5) Promote local Qi and Blood Circulation

6) Soften or reduce nodules

In particular from blood stagnation or phlegm retention

Local and Distal (SJ 10, zhou jian [elbow tip])

7) Rescue yang and qi from collapse (profuse sweating, diarrhea)

Ren 4, Ren 8 (salt or fu zi [aconite]), Ren 6

8) Increase immunity (preventive measures)

Season related illness prevention, treatment of side effect

Ren 6, Sp 6, St 36

Increase organ function

Moxa on jia ji or shu points

9) Stop uterine bleeding

Sp 1

10) Change mal-position of fetus at (6 to 7 months)

Ub 67 followed by women in kneeling position head low


Moxa Cone

Using moxa wool press with fingers in to a cone about an inch high pressed firm. Alternatively a pre-stick moxa roll can be used.

A) Direct moxa

use a bit of water on bottom of cone to stick cone directly on skin

1. Scar moxa

Burn 3 - 5 cones in succession on same point until blister formed

2. Non-scarring moxa

Remove cone 2/3 down when feeling of heat is intense

B) Indirect

Place moxa on:

Ginger - cold stomach upset

Fu zi - for yang deficiency (sever joint pain)

Salt - Rescue yang qi (on Ren 8)

Various herbs powdered and made in to pancakes using wine or vinegar

Yellow mud with vinegar and wine pancake for infant nutrition problems

Moxa Stick

Rolled moxa with other herbs in to a cigar shape. Smokeless moxa is sharper and usually moxa in a carbon base to prevent smoke and smell.

a) Up and down on one point for intense heat to single point

b) Circular movement over an area for larger application

c) Severe problems use multiple sticks tied together

Needle Moxa

Puncture needle to get qi then insure depth of needle close to start of handle.

Place 1 cun cut of moxa cigar on handle end of needle. (If using rolls use another needle first to create whole in midst of moxa in roll.)

Place leather or paper under needle to capture ashes.

Light needle from bottom of roll

Natural Moxa

Garlic (or other strong herbs) placed on point to cause strong heat feeling at point

Bai Jie Zi - good for warming lung (mix powder with wine on Lung shu)

Ban mao (a type of insect) - crushed on point for certain cancers

Moxa Tool

Moxa Cigar holder

Good for doing moxa on Du 20

Moxa box

(A wood box with open top and bottom, two poles from side to side 2/3 up from bottom where a net can be draped over to hold moxa wool)

Top can be used to control air flow and adjust heat

Heat lamp

1 foot away

Check after 5 minutes to insure no movement of lamp


When 4 limbs are warm moxa treatment is complete in case of extreme cold

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton