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Acupuncture Needling Techniques - Class 07
Detailed instructions on the use of Acupuncture needles and Moxibustion techniques
By: David Botton

Gua Sha

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Class 7 - Gua Sha


Skin scraping to induce rashes (form of sedation)


1) Clear heat (in particular for severe heat)

Back shu points or Jia Ji points (opens chest)

Good to also bleed shi xuan - finger tips, if severe heat

2) Promote Qi and blood circulation in meridians

3) Promote skin rejuvenation

4) Promote wait loss

Clockwise strokes on abdomen

(St 25 oblique downward with electricity also)

5) Regulate and balance internal organ functions

Mild on jia ji points and back shu points


Oil or water to moisten the skin

Hard but not sharp stone or spoon

Inform patient of bruise that will form where done (hickee)

Stone is pulled on skin either in line with meridians or circular movements depending on intensity of sedation desired.

Avoid scraping: boils, eczema, cuts, wounds, ulcers and blisters


Against meridians or clock wise strokes results in stronger sedation

Less sedation when following meridians or counter clockwise strokes

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton