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Acupuncture Needling Techniques - Class 06
Detailed instructions on the use of Acupuncture needles and Moxibustion techniques
By: David Botton

Bleeding Techniques

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Class 6 - Bleeding Techniques


1. Three edge needle or Lancets

2. Gloves

3. Cups, Alcohol (91%), and Forceps if cupping also

4. Cotton balls

5. Red bag for bio medical waste


1. Clear heat

2. Neutralize Toxins

3. Reduce high fever

4. Boils

5. Recover from Sun Strokes


Points, Veins or Arteries (in extreme cases)

For heat:

Well-jing points

Shi Xuan and Qi Qi Duan

PC 3

Back shu and/or related Jia Ji points

er jian

For Boils and Carbuncles

He 3

Do not bleed local, but can bleed on meridian where located

Acute Mastitis

UB 17 and UB 43, same side on back of problem side

+ Chen Pi (Orange Peel)

Soar throat

er jian

Anti alergic

er jian

Removing Blood Stasis: (Bruises, Swelling)

Local bleeding

UB 17 (Blood Influential Point) or Sp 10 (Sea of Blood)

Tumors (severe blood stagnation)

Corresponding back shu and/or jia ji points and UB 17 or SP 10

Joint Pain

Local bleeding in particular Ashi points

Lower blood preasure

er jian

UB 40, Lv 2, Big toe qi duan

Ear liver yang

Hypertension groove

Allergies (Internal Wind)

UB 12 + Sp 10

bai chong wo (1 cun above Sp 10)

"To treat wind, you must first treat blood. Moving blood extinguishes the wind"

Manic / Schizophrenia

UB 40 + Nearby veins 10-20 ccs


1) Do not use with out checking for deficiencies

2) Do not use on some one with low blood pressure

3) Do not use on hemophiliacs

4) Do not bleeds points directly on eye

Apply pressure to stop bleeding

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton