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Herbology 2 - Class_01
Herbology Part 2
By: David Botton

Herbs and Formulas the Release The Exterior Part 1

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Herbs and Formulas the Release The Exterior Part 1

Warm Acrid Exterior Releasing Herbs

ma huang - Herba Ephedrae

acrid, ~bitter, warm


Promote sweating and dissipate cold

Diffuse lung and calm panting/cough

Move water and disperse swelling

Dissipate Yin flat-abscess

Contra: Hypertension, Palpitations, Pregnancy


gui zhi - Ramulus Cinnamomi cassiae

acrid, sweet, warm


Promotes sweating to release exterior, dispel wind-cold

Regulate/Hamronizes ying and wei Qi

Warm channels, dispels wind-damp-cold

Warms and opens yang Qi, dispels cold

channel-conducting herb for diseases of the upper limbs

Contra: Yin Def. Heat, Menstrual bleeding, Pregnancy


zi su ye - Folium Perillae

acrid, warm


Releases the exterior and Dispels Cold

Regulate Qi and expand chest and harmonizes middle jiao and alleviate nausea and vomiting

Calms the fetus

Alleviates seafood poisoning


cong bai - Bulbus Allii Fistulosi

acrid, warm


Promote sweating and dissipate cold

Disperses cold and unblocks yang

Eliminates Toxins and Disperses clumps

Kills Parasites

3-10g fresh (2-5 stalks)

sheng jiang - Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens

acrid, ~warm


Promote sweating and release exterior

Warms the middle jiao to alleviate vomiting

Warms the lung and stops cough

Eliminates toxins

3-10g fresh

Cold Acrid Exterior Releasing Herbs

dan dou chi - Semen Sojae Prepartum

acrid, sweet, ~bitter, cold


Releases the exterior

Eliminates irritability (chest) and harmonizes middle jiao

10-15 g

Coughing and Wheezing Releasing Herbs

xing ren - Semen Armeniacae Amarum

bitter, ~warm


Arrests Cough and Relieves Wheezing

Lubricates the Bowels

Contra: Infants

3-10 g

Tonify Blood Herbs

bai shao yao - Radix Paeoniae lactiflorae

sour, bitter, cool


Nourishes the blood, regulates menses

Soothes/softens and clams liver, relieves pain

Astringes yin, stops sweating and discharge

Adjust ying and wei Qi


Qi Tonifying Herbs

gan cao - Radix Glycyrrhizae

sweet, neutral (warm if Zhi Gan Cao)

12 Channels

Tonifies SP, augments Qi

Moistens LU, stops cough

Clears heat, dispels toxin

Calms spams, relieves pain

Moderates and harmonize herbs


Exterior Releasing Formulas

Cong Chi Tang - Scallion and Prepared Soybean Decoction

(9-12) Cong Bai - Promote sweating and dissipate cold

(12-30) Dan Duo Chi - Releases exterior

Gently release exterior for early wind-cold or wind-heat

Ma Huang Tang - Ephedra Decoction

Chief: (9) Ma Huang - release exterior wind-cold, promote sweating, move lung Qi, stop wheezing

Deputy: (6) Gui Zhi - release external wind-cold, open and warm channels

Assistant: (9-12) Xing Ren - move lung Qi, stop coughing and wheezing

Envoy: (3) Zhi Gan Cao - harmonize

Release exterior wind-cold

Arrest wheezing

Gui Zhi Tang - Cinnamon Twig Decoction

Chief: (9) Gui Zhi - release external wind-cold, open and warm channels

Deputy: (9) Bai Shao Yao - benefit yin and contain wei qi

Assistant: (9) Sheng Jiang - releases exterior and treat nausea and vomiting

Assistant: (12 pc) Da Zao - nourish and harmonize ying qi and blood

Envoy: (3) Zhi Gan Cao - harmonize formula, tonify middle

Release deficient type wind-cold / pathogen from muscle layer (disharmony of Ying and Wei Qi)

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton