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Herbology 1 - Class_10
Herbology Part 1
By: David Botton

Blood Movers

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Herbs that Invigorate Blood

niu xi - Radix Achyranthis 

Bitter, sour, neutral


Invigorates the blood, reduces stagnation

Tonifies LR and KI, strengthens the tendons and bones

Promotes urination, drains damp-heat, relieves strangury

Descends blood, sinks heat


Herbs that Calm the Liver

di long - lumbricus

Salty, cold


Drains heat, extinguishes wind, stops spams and convulsions

Calms wheezing

Activates channels and collaterals

Promotes urination

5-12g, 1-2g in powder

Formulas that Invigorate Blood and Reduce Stagnation

Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (Blood Mansion Eliminate Stasis Decoction)

Tao Ren - invigorates blood, reduces blood stasis

Hong Hua - invigorates blood, reduces blood stasis, relives pain

Chuan Xiong - invigorates blood, reduces blood stasis, relives pain

Chi Shao - invigorates blood, reduces blood stasis, relives pain

Dang Gui - invigorates blood, reduces blood stasis, relives pain

Sheng Di Huang - clears heat, cools blood

Chai Hu - activates Qi, soothes LR

Jie Geng - guides herbs upwards, circulates Lung Qi

Zhi Ke - activates and descends Qi, opens the chest

Chuan Niu Xi - guides herbs and Blood downward, opens the blood vessels

Gan Cao - harmonizes the formula

Invigorates Blood, reduces blood stagnation (in particular in the chest with headache)

Activates Qi, relieves pain

Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (Tonify the Yang to Restore Five-Tenths Decoction)

(dang gui bu cue tang)

Huang Qi - tonifies Qi, strengthens SP

Dang Gui Wei - invigorates blood, moistens intestines

Chi Shao - invigorates blood

Tao Ren - invigorates blood, moistens intestines 

Hong Hua - invigorates blood

Di Long - unblocks the channels and collaterals

Tonifies Qi, invigorates blood, unblocks channels (treats hemiplegia, wind-stroke paralysis)

Formulas that Warm the Channels and Reduce Stagnation

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan (Cinnamomum and Poria Pill)

Gui Zhi - warms and opens the blood vessels, reduces blood stasis, promotes Qi transformation

Fu Ling - strengthens the SP, dries damp, calms the mind

Mu Dan Pi - invigorates the blood, reduces blood stasis, clears heat

Chi Shao Yao - vitalizes the blood, regulates menses, clears heat

Tao Ren - invigorates the blood, reduces blood stasis, clears heat

Feng Mi - harmonizes the formula

Invigorates the blood, reduces blood stasis in the uterus and regulates menses

Reduces and eliminates abdominal masses and lumps

Sheng Hua Tang (Generation and Transformation Decoction )

Dang Gui - nourishes and invigorates blood, warms channels

Chuan Xiong - invigorates blood, activates Qi

Tao Ren - invigroates blood, reduces blood stasis

Gan Jiang - warms the middle, dispels cold

Gan Cao - harmonizes formula

Invigorates blood, reduces blood stasis

Warms channels, relieves pain

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton