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Diagnostic Methods
Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Methods
By: David Botton

Class Notes
Class 01Diagnostics Overview
Class 02Inspection
Class 03Conducting an Interview
Class 04Tongue Diagnostics
Class 05SOAP Notes
Class 05Taking a patient history
Class 06Listening
Class 06Smells
Class 07Chills and Fever
Class 07Thirst
Class 07Sweating
Class 07Taste and Apetite
Class 08Menstruation
Class 08Pain
Class 08Stool and Urine
Class 08Lethargy
Class 08Sleep
Class 09Pulse Qualities
Class 09Pulse Overview
Mind Maps
Map 01Diagnostics Overview Mind Map
Map 02Inspection Mind Map
Map 03Conducting an Interview
Map 04Tongue Diagnostic Mind Map
Map 05SOAP Notes Mind Map
Map 05Taking a patient history Mind Map
Map 06Smells Mind Map
Map 06Listening Mind Map
Map 07Taste and Appetite Mind Map
Map 07Chills and Fever Mind Map
Map 07Sweating Mind Map
Map 08Stool and Urine Mind Map
Map 08Pain Mind Map
Map 08Menstruation Mind Map
Map 08Lethargy Mind Map
Map 08Sleep Mind Map
Map 09Pulse Overview Mind Map
Map 09Pule Qualities Mind Map

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