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Advanced Acupuncture - Class 05
The use of acupuncture to treat illness
By: David Botton

Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat

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Eyes Ear Nose and Throat
1. Deafness and Tinnitus
TX: SJ 17, GB 2, GB 43, SJ 3
Sudden deafness, distention, constant ringing that does not get better with pressure
Wind fire of Liver and GB
Flushed face, dry mouth, irritability, temper
T: P: Forceful, string-taut
TX: + LV 2, GB 41
Invasion of exogenous pathogenic wind
T: P: Superficial
TX: + SJ 5, LI 4
Protracted deafness, intermittent tinnitus worse with stress or better with pressure,
dizziness, soreness and aching of lower back, seminal emission, excessive leukorhea
T: P: Thready, weak
TX: UB 23, Du 4, KI 3
2. Congestion, Swelling and Pain of the Eye
TX: UB 1, GB 20, Tai Yang, LI 4, LV 2
Congestion, swelling and pain, photophobia, lacrimation and sticky discharge
Wind heat
T: P: Superficial, rapid
TX: + SJ 5
Liver and GB Fire
Bitter taste in mouth, irritability, feverish sensation, constipation
T: P: String-taut
TX: + LV 3
3. Thick and Sticky Nasal Discharge
Stuffed nose, loss of smell, thick and sticky yellow fetid discharge, cough, dull pain in forehead,
T: Red, thin white sticky coat P: Rapid
TX: LU 7, LI 20, Bi Tong, LI 4, Yin Tang
4. Epistaxis
Nose bleeds
TX: LI 20, LI 4, DU 23
Extreme heat in lung
Nose bleeds, cough
T: Red P: Superficial, rapid
TX: + LU 11
Extreme heat in stomach
Dire thirst, prefers cold drinks, constipation, foul breath
T: Red, yellow coat P: Forceful, rapid
TX: + ST 44
Deficiency of yin with preponderance of fire
Nose bleeds, malar flush, dry mouth, 5 palm heat, afternoon fever, night sweats
T: (little to no coat) P: Thready, rapid
TX: + K6
5. Toothache
Stomach Fire
Severe pain, foul breath, thirst, constipation
T: Yellow coat P: Forceful, rapid
TX: LI 4, ST 6, ST 44, ST 7
Wind Fire
Acute, gingival swelling, chills and fever
T: P: Superficial and rapid
TX: SJ 2, DB 20, LI 4, ST 6, ST 7, SJ 5
Kidney Yin Deficiency
Dull pain on and off, loose teeth, absence of foul breath
T: Red P: Thready, rapid
TX: St 6, ST 7, KI 3
6. Sore Throat
Excess heat
Acute with chills, fever, headache, congested and sore throat, thirst, constipation
T: Thin yellow coat P: Superficial, rapid
TX: LU 11, LI 4, ST 44, SI 17
Yin deficiency
Chronic, no fever, slight congestion, intermittent swallowing pain, dry throat, worse at night
T: Red, no coat P: Thready, rapid
TX: KI 3, LU 10, Ren 23 or KI 6, LU 7, LI 18
7. Optic Atrophy
TX: GB 20, UB 1, Qiu Hou, GB 37
Liver and kidney deficiency
Dry eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, nocturnal emission, lower back ache
T: Red, no coat P: Thready, weak
TX: + LV 3, KI 3, UB 18, UB 23
Qi and blood deficiency
Blurred vision, weak breath, no drive to talk, lassitude, poor appetite, loose stools
T: Pale, thin white coat P: Thready, weak
TX: + ST 38, SP 6
Liver Qi stagnation
Blurred vision, emotional depression, dizziness, vertigo, hypochondriac pain,
bitter taste in mouth, dry throat
T: P: String-taut
TX: LV 14, LV 3, GB 34

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton