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Advanced Acupuncture - Class 03
The use of acupuncture to treat illness
By: David Botton

Head, Trunk and Lumbar Region

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Head Trunk and Lumbar Region
1. Headache
(TX: Traditional - GB 41, LU 7 for headaches +)
Invasion of pathogenic wind into the meridians and collaterals
After exposure to wind, nape of neck, upper back, violent deep pain
T: White coat P: String-taut
TX: GB 20, UB 60 (Yang Qiao), SI 3
Frontal: ST 8 (Yang Wei), Yin Tang, DU 23, LI 4, ST 44
Temporal: Tai Yang, GB 8, SJ 5, GB 41
Parietal: Du 20, SI 3, UB 67, LV 3
Headache due to up-surging of liver yang
Blurred vision, severe pain on bilateral sides, irritability, hot temper, flushed face
bitter taste
T: Red with yellow coat P: String-taut, rapid
TX: GB 20, DU 20, GB 5, GB 43, LV 2
Deficiency of qi and blood
Lingering headache, dizziness, blurred vision, lassitude, pain better with warmth, stress
T: Thin white coat P: Weak, thready
TX: DU 20, Ren 6, UB 18, UB 20, UB 23, ST 36
2. Facial Pain
Suborbital: GB 14, Tai Yang, UB 2, SJ 5
Maxillary: ST 2, SI 18, LI 20, LI 4
Mandibular: ST 7, ST 6, ST 5, LI 4
Invasion of pathogenic wind and cold
Abrupt onset like electric shock, cutting, but transient seconds to minutes
Locals spams and ashi points
T: P: String-taut, tense
TX: + GB 20
Excessive fire in liver and stomach
Irritability, hot temper, thirst, constipation
T: Yellow, dry coat P: String-taut, rapid
TX: + LV 3, ST 44
Yin deficiency and excessive fire
Insidious pain, emaciation, malar flush, soreness in lumbar, lassitude, pain worse with fatigue
T: Red, little coat P: Thready, rapid
TX: + KI 6, SP 6
3. Deviation of Eye and Mouth
Wind Cold Attack of Yang Ming and Shao Yang Meridians
sudden onset, incomplete closure of eye and droopy mouth on affected side
TX: SJ 17, GB 14, Tai Yang, SI 18, ST 7, ST 4, ST 6, LI 4
Headache: + GB 20
Inability for frown or raise eyebrow: UB 2, SJ 23
Incomplete eye closure: + UB 2, UB 1, GB 1, Yu Yao, SJ 23
Deviationg of philtrum: Ren 26
Inability to show teeth: ST 3
Tinnitus/deafness: GB 2
Mastoid region tenderness: GB 12, SJ 5
4. Pain in Hypochondriac Region
Cold evils in stomach -
abrupt, aggravation by cold, alleviated by heat, aversion to cold
T: White Coating P: Tight and Wiry Pulse
TX: Ren 14, PC 6, ST 36, SP 4
5. Low Back Pain
TX: UB 23, Du 3, UB 40
Cold Damp Invasion
pain after exposure to cold/damp, worse on rainy days, heavy sensation in muscles, limited extension
T: White, sticky P: Deep, weak / Deep, slow
TX: + UB 25, UB 26
Kidney Def.
chronic, pain and soreness, lassitude, week knees, worse with fatigue
if Yang def: lower abdomen cramps, pallor, cold limbs
T: Pale P: Deep, thready / Deep, slow
TX: + Du 4, Yao Yan
if Yin def: irritability, insomnia, dry mouth, five palm heat
T: Red, scanty coat P: Thready, weak / Thready, rapid
TX: + UB 52, KI 3
history of trauma, fixed and aggravated by pressure
T: pink or dark purple P: Sting-taut, hesitant
TX: Du 26, Yao Tong Xue, Ashi
6. Bi Syndromes
pain, soreness or numbness of muscles, tendons and joints - stasis
Wandering bi
pain in joints, elbows, wrists, ankles, limitation of movement, chills and fever
T: Thin, sticky coat P: Superficial, tight or superficial, slow
TX: Local, UB 17, SP 10
Painful bi
severe stabbing pain in joints, better with warm, fixed location, no heat/redness
T: Thin, white coat P: String-taut, tense
TX: Local, UB 23, Ren 4
Fixed bi
Numbness and heavy limb, soreness, fixed joint pain, aggravated by weather
T: White, sticky, coat P: Soft
TX: Local, St 36, SP 5
Heat bi
Sharp nerve pain in joints, local redness, swelling, pain with limited movement, fever, thirst
T: Yellow coat P: Rolling, rapid
TX: Du 14, LI 11, (distal point on meridian affected, UB 40 to sedate heat in blood)
7. Wei Syndromes
flaccid or atrophy of limbs with motor impairment - deficiency
Burning heat in the lung
Flaccid lower limbs with motor impairment, fever, cough, irritability, thirst, scant brown urine
T: Red, yellow coat P: Soft, rapid
TX: LU 5, UB 13
Damp heat
Flaccid or swolen legs, hot to touch, heaviness, fullness of abdomen, painful brown urination
T: Yellow, sticky coat P: Soft, rapid
TX: UB 20, SP 9
Deficiency of liver and kidney yin
Flaccid lower limbs with motor impairment, sore lumbar, seminal emission, PME, leukorrhoea,
dizziness, blurring of visions
T: Redness P: Thready, rapid
TX: UB 18, UB 23
Caused by trauma, flaccid/paralytic limbs, incontinence
T: pink or dark with thin white coat P: Relaxed or hesitant
TX: Hua tuo jia ji at level of injury

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton