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Advanced Acupuncture - Class 02
The use of acupuncture to treat illness
By: David Botton

Zang Fu Syndromes

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Zang-Fu Conditions
1. Cough
Invasion by exogenous pathogen -
Wind Cold -
TX: With Moxa - Lu 7, LI 4, UB 13 (Lung Shu)
If pain and swelling of throat - LU 11
Fever and aversion to cold - DU 14, SJ 5
Wind Heat -
TX: Lu 7, LI 4, UB 13 (Lung Shu)
If pain and swelling of throat - LU 11
Internal Injury -
Phlegm blockage -
Cough with profuse white sticky phlegm, chest congestion, loss of appetite
TX: UB 13, Ren 12, LU 5, ST 36, ST 40
LU dryness with Yin Def. -
Dry cough with little to no sputum, dry nose and throat, sore throat, possible cough or spit blood
TX: UB 13, LU 1, LU 7, KI 6
If coughing blood: LU 6, UB 17
2. Asthma
TX: UB 13 (Lung Shu)
Excess - Acute
Wind cold -
Cough, thin sputum, rapid breathing, chills, headache, no thirst,
T: White P: Tense
TX: + UB 12, Du 14, Lu 7, LI 4
Phlegm heat -
Rapid and short breath, strong and coarse voice, cough, thick yellow sputum
chest stuffiness fever, restlessness, dry mouth
T: Thick yellow P: Rapid, rolling
TX: + Ding Chuan, UB 22, Lu 5, St 40
Deficiency - Chronic
Lung Deficiency -
Short and rapid breathing, feeble voice, weak and low coughing, sweating on exertion
T: Pale P: Deficient
TX: + Lu 9, St 36, SP 3
Kidney Deficiency -
Dyspnea on exertion after long-standing asthma, sever wheezing, in-drawing of neck tissue
short breath, lassitude and weakness, sweating, cold limbs
T: Pale P: Deep, thready
TX: + KI 3, UB 23, Ren 17, Ren 6
Persistent asthma - Du 12, UB 43 (Immune boost)
Def. of SP - LR 13, UB 20 (SP Shu)
3. Epigastric Pain
TX: Ren 12, PC 6, ST 36
Retention of Food -
Distending pain, worse on pressure / after meals, bad odor belch, nausea
T: Thick Sticky P: Deep, forceful or rolling
TX: + Inner-Neiting
Attack of Stomach by Liver Qi -
Sudden violent epigastrium pain radiating to hypochondria, belching, vomiting/acid
T: Thin white P: Deep, string-taut pulse
TX: + LV 14, LV 3
Cold evils (excess) in stomach -
abrupt, aggravation by cold, alleviated by heat, aversion to cold
T: White Coating P: Tight and Wiry Pulse
TX: + SP 4
Deficiency of the Stomach and Stagnation of Cold -
Dull pain relieved by pressure and warmth, general lassitude, thin fluid regurgitation
T: Thin white P: Deep, slow
TX: + Ren 6 Moxa, UB 20 (SP Shu), SP 4
4. Vomiting
TX: Ren 12, St 36, PC 6, SP 4
Retention of food -
acid vomit, abdominal distention, belching, loose stool or constipation
T: Thick, granular coating P: Forceful
TX: + Ren 10
Attack of stomach by Liver Qi -
vomiting, acid, belching, distending pain, hypochondriac pain, irritability
T: Thin, Sticky P: String-taut
TX: + LV 3
Hypo-function of spleen and stomach -
Sallow complexion, vomit after meals, lassitude, weakness, slightly loose stool
T: Pale, thin, white P: thready, forceless
TX: + UB 20
Persistent vomiting -
TX: + Jin Jing, Yu Ye
5. Hiccup
TX: UB 17 (Diaphragm Shu), Ren 12, PC 6, ST 36
Retention of food -
loud hiccups, distention
T: Thick, sticky P: Rolling, forceful
TX: + Ren 14, Inner-Neiting
Stagnation of Qi -
continual hiccups, distending pain chest and hypochondrium
T: Thin P: String-taut, forceful
TX: + Ren 17, LV 3
Cold in stomach -
Slow and forceful hiccups, better with heat, worse with cold
T: White, moist P: Slow
TX: + Ren 13
6. Abdominal Pain
TX: Ren 12, ST 36
Accumulation of Cold-
Sudden onset, better with heat, worse with cold, loose stool, clear profuse urine
cold limbs
T: White P: deep or tense, slow
TX: + Ren 8 moxa, SP 4
Hypo-activity of Spleen Yang
Intermittent dull pain, relieved with warmth/pressure, worse cold/hunger, fatigue
T: Thin, white P: deep, thready
TX: + UB 20 (SP Shu), UB 21 (ST Shu), LV 13, Ren 6
Retention of Food
Pain worse with pressure, foul belching, sour regurgitation,
abdominal pain with diarrhea and better after BM
T: Sticky P: rolling
TX: Ren 12, St 25, Ren 6, Inner-neiting
7. Diarrhea
Acute -
TX: ST 25, ST 36
Cold-Dampness -
Watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, borborygmi, chilliness, no thirst
T: Pale, white P: Deep, slow
TX: + Ren 12, Ren 6
Damp Heat -
Abdominal pain, yellow, hot and fetid stools, burning anus, scanty urine
feverish feeling, thirst
T: Yellow, sticky P: Rolling, rapid
TX: + St 44, SP 9
Retention of Food -
Abdominal pain better after BM, borborygmi, fetid stool, fullness, belching
T: Thick, dirty P: Rolling, rapid or deep, string-taut
TX: Inner-neiting
Chronic -
TX: UB 20 (SP Shu), St 36
Deficiency of Spleen -
Loose stool w/ undigested food, stomach pain after eating, sallow complexion,
T: Pale, white P: Thready, forceless
TX: + LV 13, SP 3, Ren 12
Deficiency of Kidney -
Pain below umbilicus, borborygmi, dawn diarrhea, worse with cold,
cold legs
T: Pale, white P: Deep, forceless
TX: + UB 23 (KI Shu), Du 4, Ren 4, KI 3
8. Dysentery
TX: ST 25, ST 37
Damp-heat dysentery -
Abdominal pain, tenesmus, pus and blood in stool, burning anus, scanty yellow urine
chills, fever, restlessness, thirst
T: Yellow sticky coat P: Rolling, rapid / soft rapid
TX: + LI 11, LI 4
Cold damp dysentery -
Difficult defecation, white mucus in stool, pref. for warmth, fullness of chest and epigastrium
abdominal pain, tastelessness in mouth, no thirst
T: White sticky coat P: Deep, slow pulse
TX: + Ren 12, Ren 6, SP 9
Food-resistant dysentery -
Frequent stools with blood and pus, no appetite, nausea, vomiting
T: Yellow sticky coat P: Soft rapid
TX: + Ren 12, PC 6
Intermittent dysentery -
Dysentery occurring on and off, difficult to cure, lassitude, aversion to cold, somnolence
no appetite
T: Pale sticky P: Soft
TX: + UB 20, UB 21, Ren 4, ST 36
9. Abdominal Distention
TX: Ren 12, ST 25, ST 36, ST 37
Excess condition -
Persistent distention and pain of abdomen, worse with pressure, belching, foul breath
dark yellow urine, constipation, sometimes fever and vomiting
T: Yellow thick coat P: Rolling, rapid and forceful
TX: + LI 4, Ren 6, SP 9
Deficiency condition -
Distention relieved by pressure, borborygmi, loose stools, appetite loss, lassitude,
clear urine
T: Pale white coat P: Forceless
TX: + Ren 4, SP 3
10. Jaundice
TX: SP 9, ST 36, UB 18, UB 19, DU 9
Yang Jaundice -
Lustrous yellow skin and sclera, damp heat symptoms
T: Yellow, sticky P: Wiry, rapid
TX: + LR 3, GB 34
Yin Jaundice -
Sallow yellow skin, qi / yang def. symptoms (i.e. damp cold)
T: Pale, thick white P: Deep, slow
TX: + UB 48, Moxa UB 20
11. Constipation
TX: UB 25, ST 25. SJ 6, KI 6
Excess condition -
Heat accumulation -
3-5 days between defecations, fever, thirst, foul breath
T: Yellow, dry coat P: Rolling, forceful
TX: + LI 11, LI 4
Stagnation of Qi -
Fullness and distending pain abdomen and hypochondriac, belching, loss of appetite
T: Thin sticky coat P: String-taut pulse
TX: + Ren 12, LV 3
Deficiency condition -
Def. of blood and Qi -
Pale complexion, lips and nails, dizziness and palpitations, SOB
T: Pale thin coat P: Thready, weak
TX: + UB 20, UB 21, ST 36
Cold accumulation -
Pain, cold sensation, pref. for warm
T: Pale white moist coat P: Deep, slow
TX: + Ren 8, Ren 6
12. Prolapse of Rectum
Slow onset of rectum not returning, sometimes lassitude, sallow complexion dizziness and palpitations
T: Pale, white coat P: Thready, feeble
TX: Du 20, UB 25, DU 1, ST 36
13. Edema
Yang Edema -
Abrupt onset, puffy face, eyelids then full body swelling, lustrous skin, chills, fever, thirst, cough,
asthma, reduced urine output
T: Thin white coat P: Superficial, rolling
TX: LU 7, LI 4, LI 6, SP 9, UB 39
Yin Edema -
Insidious onset, eyelids then whole body esp. below lumbar region, sallow complexion, aversion to cold,
cold limbs, soreness of back and loins, weakness, epigastric fullness, distention, loss of apetite, loose stool
T: Pale, white coating P: Deep, thready
TX: UB 20, UB 23, Ren 9, Ren 4, KI 7, ST 36
14. Nocturnal Enuresis
Involuntary urinating during sleep with dreams, sallow complexion, loss of appetite, weakness
T: Pale, white coating P: Thready pule, weak at chi position
TX: UB 23, UB 28, Ren 3, SP 6, LV 1
15. Urination Disturbance
TX: UB 28 (Bladder Shu), Ren 3, SP 9
Dysuria caused by calculi (stone lin)
Occasional calculi in urine, dark yellow turbid urine, sudden interruptions, unbearable pricking pain,
pain of the lumbus and abdomen, blood in urine
T: Normal (before stone - Red, yellow slimy coat) P: (before stone - wiry or slightly rapid)
TX: + UB 39
Dysuria caused by qi dysfunction (qi lin)
Difficult and hesitant urination, fullness and pain of the lower abdomen
T: Thin white coat P: Deep, string-taut
TX: + LV 2
Painful urination with blood (blood lin)
Blood in urine with pain and need to urinate, burning sensation and pricking pain
T: Thin yellow coat P: Rapid, forceful
TX: + Sp 10, SP 6
Dysuria with milky urine (cloudy/turbid lin)
Cloudy urine with milky or creamy appearance, burning pain
T: Red, sticky coating P: Thready, rapid
TX: + UB 23, KI 6
Dysuria caused by overstrain (taxation lin)
Difficulty in urination with dribbling of urine, worse after overwork
T: P: Weak
TX: + Du 20, Ren 6, ST 36
16. Retention of Urine
Accumulation of heat in the bladder
Scanty hot urine, or urine retention, distention of lower abdomen, thirst no desire to drink
T: Red, yellow coat P: Rapid
TX: UB 28, Ren 3, Sp 6, UB 39
Decline of Ming Men Fire
Dribbling urination, pallor, listlessness, chilliness below lumbus, weakness of the loins and knees
T: Pale P: Deep, thready at chi position
TX: Du 4, UB 23, Du 20, Ren 4, SJ 4
Damage of the Qi of the meridian
Dribbling urination or retention, distention and dull pain in lower abdomen
T: Purple spots P: Hesitant, rapid
TX: Ren 3, SP 6, ST 38, KI 5
17. Impotence
Decline of Ming Men Fire
Failure/weak erection, with yang def. possibility of palpitations and insomnia if damage to HT / SP Qi
T: Pale, white P: Deep, thready
TX: Ren 4, Du 4, UB 23, KI 3
if HT / SP Qi damage: UB 14, HT 7, SP 6
Downward flow of Damp Heat
Failure to become erect, with damp heat
T: Yellow, sticky P: Soft, rapid
TX: Ren 3, SP 6, SP 9, ST 36
17-a. Seminal Emission
Nocturnal Emission
TX: HT 7, UB 15, KI 3, UB 52
TX: UB 23, KI 12, SP 6, Du 4, Du 6
18. Insomnia
TX: HT 7, SP 6, Anmian
Def. of HT and SP
Difficulty falling asleep, dream disturbed sleep, palpitations with Qi def.
T: Pale, thin P: Thready, weak
TX: + UB 20, UB 15, Moxa SP 1
Disharmony of HT and KI
Restlessness, insomnia, KI / LV yin def
T: Red P: Thin, rapid
TX: + UB 15, UB 23, KI 3
Upward disturbance of LR fire
Irritability, dream disturbed sleep, fright and fear with headaches, hypochondriac pain, bitter taste
T: P: String-taut
TX: + UB 18, UB 19, GB 12
Dysfunction of the ST
Insomnia, suffocating distention, belching
T: Sticky P: Rolling
TX: + UB 21, ST 36
18-a. Poor memory
TX: Si Shen Cong, UB 15, UB 20, ST 36, UB 23, KI 6
19. Palpitation
TX: UB 15, Ren 14, HT 7, PC 6
Disturbance of the mind
Palpitations, fear and fright, restlessness
T: White, thin P: Slightly rapid
if phlegm heat T: Yellow, sticky P: Rolling, rapid
TX: + PC 5, GB 40, ST 40, UB 19
Insufficiency of Qi and Blood
Palpitations, dizziness, blurring vision, SOB
T: Pale, puffy P: Thready, weak or intermittent
TX: + UB 20, UB 21, ST 36
Fire hyperactivity from Yin def.
Palpitations, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, blurring of vision, tinnitus
T: Red, little coat P: Tready, rapid
TX: + UB 14, + UB 23, + KI 3
Retention of harmful fluid
Palpiations, expectoration of mucoid sputum, fullness, Qi / Yang def.
T: White P: String-taught, rolling
if KI/SP yang def: T: White, slippery P: Deep and String-taught or rapid
TX: + Ren 9, Ren 4, Ren 8, SP 9
20. Manic-Depressive Disorder
Depressive disorder
Gradual onset, emotional dejection, dullness, mood changes
T: Thin, sticky P: String-taut, thready or String-taut, rolling
TX: UB 15, UB 18, UB 20, HT 7, ST 40
Manic disorder
Sudden onset, irritability, excessive motor activity, violent
T: Yellow, sticky P: String-taut, thready or String-taut, rolling
TX: DU 14, DU 16, DU 26, PC 6, ST 40
21. Epilepsy
During Seizure
TX: Du 26, Ren 15, PC 5, LR 3, ST 40
After Seizure
TX: UB 15, Yin Tang, SP 6, KD 3, Yao Qi
Daytime seizure: UB 62
Night seizure: KI 6
Phlegm stagnation: Ren 12, ST 40,
22. Dizziness
Hyperactivity of LR Yang
worse with anger, irritability, flushed face and red eyes, tinnitus, bitter taste, dream-disturbed sleep
T: Red, yellow coat P: String-taut, rapid
TX: GB 20, UB 18, UB 23, KI 3, LR 2
Deficiency of Qi and Blood
dizziness with pallor complexion, weakness
T: Pale P: Thready, weak
TX: Du 20, UB 20, Ren 4, SP 6
Interior retention of Phlegm Dampness
dizziness with heavy feeling in head, suffocating sensation, nausea
T: White, sticky coat P: Rolling
TX: ST 8, UB 20, Ren 12, PC 6, ST 40
Dermal Needle TX: DU 20, Yai Yang, Yin Tang, Hua Tuo Jia JI
23. Melancholia
Depression of LR Qi
Mental depression, hypochondriac pain, abdominal pain, abnormal bowel movements
T: Thin sticky P: String-taut
TX: UB 18, Ren 17, Ren 12, ST 36, SP 4, LR 3
Depression Qi transforming to Fire
Headache, bitter taste, red eyes, constipation
T: Red, yellow coat P: String-taut
TX: Ren 13, SJ 6, GB 34, LR 2, GB 43
Stagnation of Phlegm (globus hystericus)
Plumb-pit sensation in throat, hard to spit or swallow
T: Thin sticky P: String-taut, rolling
TX: Ren 22, Ren 17, P 6, ST 40, LR 3
Blood Deficiency (hysteria / neurosis)
Grief with no reason, joy/anger swings, fright, irritability, insomnia, sudden distresses
= Blood Def + Qi Stagnation
T: Thin white P: String-taut, thready
TX: Ren 14, HT 7, SP 6, LR 4
Distress of Chest: + PC 6, Ren 17
Hiccup: SP 4, Ren 22
Sudden aphonia (loss of speech): HT 5, Ren 23
Loss of consciousness: Du 26, KI 1

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