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Advanced Acupuncture - Class 01
The use of acupuncture to treat illness
By: David Botton

Emergency Conditions

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Emergency Conditions
1. Wind Stroke
Qi and Blood carrying turbid phlegm to the mind and causing fainting/collapse + hemiplegia
[collapse + meridians attack]
Zang Fu attack -
Tense Type
Excess - Phlegm-Fire disturbing the mind/heart from Fire in the Hear and Liver
Tightly closed hands, loss consciousness, clenched jaws, flushed face, coarse breathing
rattling in the throat, retention of urine, constipation
T: Red, thick yellow coat P: Rolling, forceful
TX: Du 20, Du 26, ST 40, LR 3, KI 1, Jing Well
Flaccid Type
Deficiency - Exhaustion of Qi & blood -> sep. of yin and yang, if severe with cold
Falling down in sudden fit with mouth agape and eyes closed, snoring feeble breathing,
flaccid paralysis, incontinence
T: Flaccid P: Thready, weak (bad case big, floating)
TX: Moxa on Ren 8, Ren 6, Ren 4
Meridian attack - Occurs with Zang Fu attack or after - paralysis (hemiplegia) / numbness / deviations
Wind phlegm enters the jing luo, headache, dizziness, vertigo, twitching, red eyes, flushed face
thirst, dryness of throat, irritability
T: P: String-taut, rolling
TX: Du 20, UB 7, Du 16 + Local along Yang meridians
2. Syncope
Sudden fainting
Deficiency Type - with cold sweats
Def of Qi or Qi and Blood leading to yang collapse
TX: Du 26, Du 20, PC 6, Ren 6, ST 36
Excess Type -
Deranged Qi flow due to high emotion results in surge to mind
TX: Du 26, LI 4, PC 9, PC 8, LV 3, KI 1
3. Sunstroke
high fever, nausea and collapse
[fluid collapse]
Mild Type -
Fluid exhaustion
T: Dry P: Supeficial-large, fast
TX: Du 14, PC 6, LI 11, UB 40, Gua Sha
Severe Type -
Yin collapse
TX: Du 26, Du 20, Shi Xuan (finger tips), PC 3, UB 40
4. Common Cold
Wind attack with cold or heat attack or manifestation
Wind Cold -
TX: Du 16, UB 12, GB 20, LU 7, LI 4
Wind Heat -
TX: Du 14, LI 11, SJ 5, LI 4, LU 10, LU 11
5. Malaria
Paroxysms of shivering chills and high fever with general hot sensation precede by yawning
and lassitude. Intolerable headache, flushed face and red lips, chest oppression / hypochondriac
pain, bitter taste and dry mouth with extreme thirst
T: Thin sticky yellow P: String-taut, rapid
TX: Du 14, Du 13, SI 3, PC 5, SJ 2, GB 41

(c) 2005 All Rights Reserved - David Botton